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Master Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery

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Cover — Half Title — Title — Copyright — Dedication — Contributors — Preface — Prefacetothe First Edition — Series Preface — Acknowledgments — Contents — Video List — PART I Overview and Foundation — CHAPTER 1 Why Wounds Fail to Heal — CHAPTER 2 Initial Evaluation and Management of Complex Traumatic Wounds — CHAPTER 3 Management of Simple Wounds: Local Flaps, Z-Plasty, and Skin Grafts — CHAPTER 4 Integra Bilayer Wound Matrix in Combination with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy for Treatment of Extremity Wounds — CHAPTER 5 Management of Nerve Injuries Following Soft Tissue and Bony Trauma — CHAPTER 6 Management of Vascular Injuries Following Soft Tissue and Bony Trauma — PART II Management of Soft Tissues Within the Upper Extremity — CHAPTER 7 Restoration of Shoulder External Rotation — CHAPTER 8 Rotational Flaps for Rotator Cuff Repair — CHAPTER 9 Surgical Exposure of the Elbow Following Bony and Soft Tissue Trauma — CHAPTER 10 Radial Forearm Flap for Elbow Coverage — CHAPTER 11 Anconeus Muscle Flap and Flexor Carpi Ulnaris Muscle Flap for Soft Tissue Coverage of Elbow — CHAPTER 12 Bipolar Latissimus Dorsi Rotational Flap for Functional Reconstruction of Elbow Flexion — CHAPTER 13 Fasciotomies for Forearm and Hand Compartment Syndrome — CHAPTER 14 Soft Tissue Management of Delayed Compartment Syndrome — CHAPTER 15 Soft Tissue Interposition Flaps in the Management of Heterotopic Ossification and Proximal Radioulnar Synostosis — PART III Management of Soft Tissues Within the Hand and Wrist — CHAPTER 16 Principles of Hand Incisions — CHAPTER 17 Lateral Arm Flap for Hand and Wrist Coverage — CHAPTER 18 Radial Forearm and Radial Forearm Fascial Flap for Coverage of the Dorsum of the Hand and Wrist — CHAPTER 19 Posterior Interosseous Artery Island Flap for Dorsal Hand Coverage


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